Innovative digital exhibition invites students to connect with the impact of Yemen crisis

An innovative new digital installation exploring the humanitarian crisis and on-going conflict in Yemen is set to come to The University of Manchester on 9 October.

The people of Yemen are facing what is described by the UN as the ‘world’s worst’ humanitarian crisis, but what is the true human cost of this conflict, and how can we understand it in the context of our own lives?

Commissioned by Imperial War Museum (IWM) North and created by FutureEverything, Yemen: Say hello to connect takes the conversation beyond the museum walls and to the streets.

The digital installation, developed with input from The University of Manchester academics, has travelled across Manchester inviting the public to connect with the real issues people are facing in Yemen right now through touch and voice-activated technology.

The final location for the installation will be The University of Manchester Students’ Union on the 9 and 10 October.

Against this backdrop, visitors are invited to explore how education in Yemen has been impacted by war, and how this has shaped the futures of Yemeni children.

There will also be the final, powerful instalment of narration from Amerah Saleh on how these issues have impacted her family and friends in Yemen.

Academics and students from the University’s Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) provided key input during the planning of the installation.

Dr Kirsten Haworth, Lecturer in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response, and Dr Jessica Hawkins, Lecturer in Humanitarian Studies, explained: “In collaboration with the Imperial War Museum North and FutureEverything, and alongside HCRI students, we took part in workshop sessions that explored how we understand humanitarianism in the Yemen context; evaluating the divergence between the academic discourse and the ever-changing humanitarian practice.

"By providing feedback on the content, HCRI students assisted in shaping the external makeup of the installation.

"This was an exciting project to be part of, and both students and staff alike enjoyed working with FutureEverthing and the IWM North.”

Created by Artist Vicky Clarke and Creative Technologist Chris Ball, with words written and performed by Amerah Saleh, Yemen: Say hello to connect is part of Yemen: Inside a Crisis, a free exhibition and series of programming, at IWM North, that is the UK’s first exhibition to address Yemen’s ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis.

Showcasing around 50 objects and photographs, alongside personal stories, the exhibition gives insight into the realities faced by Yemenis every day, as well as their incredible resilience.

Yemen: Say hello to connect children & education will be at The University of Manchester Students’ Union on the 9 and 10 October, 10am – 6pm.

Visit the Imperial War Museum website for more information.

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