Interdisciplinary Research PS Network - March 2022

The March Interdisciplinary Research PS Network meeting was attended by 55 colleagues from across the University, who met virtually to hear updates and discuss synergies in areas relating to interdisciplinary activity at The University of Manchester.

Lynda McIntosh, Research Communications and Marketing Manager, and Vicky Taylor-Plane, Corporate Communications Manager, updated together on the REF communications plan and the Research Impact Showcase. This was followed by an update from Enna Bartlett, Biotechnology Beacon Communications and Marketing Manager, who presented on current activity in the Biotechnology Beacon. We then heard from Phil Wallace, Research Platforms Team (Digital Futures and Sustainable Futures) Communications and Engagement Coordinator, who updated on the Centre for Digital Trust & Society and the North West Partnership for Security and Trust.

Sarah Barton, Research Platforms Team (Digital Futures and Sustainable Futures) Strategy and Operations Manager, updated on DF/SF activity, including the development of major University initiatives in AI, the ‘Digital Tools and Climate Responses’ event, the ‘Humans In The Loop: The Future of Design and Digital Manufacturing’ event, the Sustainable Futures seminar series, and the Advances in Data Science and AI conference.
Anne-Marie Nugnes, Creative Manchester Manager, also shared updates on Creative Manchester activity, including news on the postponement of the Creative Manchester launch events to Autumn, the recruitment of a new intern, the planning of the platform’s seminar series, and plans to appoint focus area leads for each of the research themes.

 Ad hoc updates were provided by Terri Lucas, Civic Engagement Manager, on the Engaging with Policymakers for the Arts and Humanities event; Leda Channer, Communications and Engagement Coordinator, on Innovation Clubs activity; Sabina Hawthornthwaite, Faculty Research Strategy Coordinator, on the Centre for Robotics and AI launch; and Matthew Harrison, IDSAI Manager, on the upcoming Turing Fellow ‘Spotlight’ event.

The next meeting of the network will take place on 19th May 2022 and will include updates from Professor Mike Shaver, Sustainable Futures Director, Professor John McAuliffe, Creative Manchester Director, and Professor Chris Taylor, Digital Futures Director (TBC).

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About the network:

This network brings together over 100 colleagues from across the University in PS interdisciplinary research roles, including Institute and Centre Managers, Business Engagement and Knowledge Exchange staff, and Beacons, Faculty and Corporate Communications and Marketing colleagues. The group meets every two months to hear updates from colleagues and discuss synergies and ways of working together across interdisciplinary activity at UoM. For more information, please contact Peter Kane.

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