Journal of Transnational Human Rights Research (JTHRR) – Inaugural Edition Published

Following a previous Social Responsibility Update on 23 September 2022, the new Journal of Transnational Human Rights Research (JTHRR), formerly the Journal for Human Rights Research (JHRR), is publishing its inaugural edition on 28 February.


We are excited to announce that the inaugural edition of the new Journal of Transnational Human Rights Research (JTHRR) has now been published. Wayne Ramwell, Senior Tutor in Law, reflects upon his role in this project as Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor as a wonderful and exciting experience with a global focus and relevance. 

The inaugural edition covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from decriminalising petty offences in Africa to breaking the barriers of gender discrimination in Nigeria to universalism and cultural relativism in the context of human rights protection, amongst others. We would invite you to have a look at its contents and read Wayne’s Editor’s Note

If you would be interested in contributing to future editions of this journal or being part of its Editorial Board, please reach out to Wayne directly (wayne.ramwell@manchester.ac.uk; editorinchief.jhrr@outlook.com).

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