Key academics from CIRCO, Photobiology and Centre for Health Informatics present 'staying fit in COVID' webinar

MICRA’s successful summer webinar series continued with an event on immunology and COVID19. This was chaired by Professor Rachel Watson, Co-Director of MICRA.

Professor Tracy Hussell spoke on the The Coronavirus Immune Reponse and Clinical Outcome (CIRCO) consortium. The consortium draws together immunological expertise in the Lydia Becker Institute of Immunology and Inflammation with key clinicians at Wythenshawe, Salford Royal and North Manchester hospitals and the Manchester Royal Infirmary. This consortium was set up swiftly to allow collection of longitudinal samples from patients with diagnosed COVID-19, starting at hospital admission through to outcome.

Dr Mark Farrar presented on the research on Vitamin D.

Vitamin D regulates calcium absorption and bone mineralisation and is essential for bone health with deficiency causing rickets in children and osteomalacia in older children and adults. Our main source of vitamin D is synthesis in the skin following sunlight exposure with only small amounts obtained from food. In the UK, adults and children over 5 are advised to consume 10µg vitamin D daily (through food or supplements) during autumn and winter. As a consequence of most people spending more time indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic, advice has been to continue taking vitamin D supplements over the lockdown period. Vitamin D also has immunoregulatory functions and it has been suggested that increased vitamin D intake could prevent or reduce symptoms of coronavirus infection. However, there are conflicting data regarding vitamin D and acute respiratory tract infection (ARTI).

Our final speaker Professor Tjeerd Van staa presented on Learning Healthcare System as part of our response to improve care for elderly.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted routine care in the health care system and there are concerns in primary care about what we can do for the most vulnerable patients in the post Covid-19 world and what interventions should be prioritised in order to help these patients. The presentation discussed recent and future work to identify opportunities to better target clinical improvement activities for frail multimorbid elderly patients in general practice.

A recording of the event is available on YouTube.

You can view the presentations here:

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