Latest MIOIR Working Paper: Digital Transformation for Development

Explore our latest working paper focusing on digital transformation for development, research funded by the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and Global Development Institute.

Digital Transformation for Development

The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) is thrilled to latest addition to its recently launched MIOIR Working Paper Series:

Working Paper 2023-05: The Principles of Digital Transformation for Development (DX4D): Systematic Literature Review and Future Research Agenda

Authored by Richard Heeks, Bookie Ezeomah, Gianluca Iazzolino, Aarti Krishnan, Rose Pritchard, Jaco Renken and Qingna Zhou.

As digital transformation continues to take center stage in international development, this paper offers a comprehensive overview of "digital-transformation-for-development" (DX4D). The research involved an extensive analysis of 75 papers, employing a range of search terms to uncover key insights. 

The paper not only highlights the general features of the literature and the research methodologies applied but also presents a groundbreaking set of 13 principles to serve as a foundational guide for understanding and implementing digital-transformation-for-development research and consulting. Moreover, the document provides a glimpse into the future of DX4D research priorities.

This review was undertaken with financial support from the Global Development Institute and Manchester Institute of Innovation Research part of the University of Manchester.

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