Law student has article published in popular environmental law newsletter

A third-year Law student, Bethan Pollington, has had an article published in an environmental law newsletter published by UKELA.

‘Reflections on air quality challenges: governance and good health’ was an interdisciplinary piece co-authored by a third-year atmospheric science PhD student, Jessica Slater.

The article was a summary of presentations and discussions at the UKELA Air Quality Challenges: Governance and Good Health conference, held in Manchester on 7 March 2019.

“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to be published in UKELA's e-newsletter and I feel I have gained a lot from working with Jessica Slater," said Bethan.

“The UKELA Air Quality Governance conference had an interesting mix of views on the subject matter and it was beneficial to me to see these debates occur in real time, exposing the nuances of an area of law I had not studied before.

"It is infinitely more engaging as a student to feel involved in real time legal debate, even if it is simply being present.”

Bethan is part of the first cohort of students taking our innovative new ‘Law in Practice’ course, rolled out for the first time this semester

This optional course is for students who have volunteered on a School approved pro-bono project. The course builds on students' training and experience in various legal processes, developing transferrable skills and preparing students for further study or employment. Students on the ‘Law in Practice’ course are required to conduct self-direct research, enabling them to explore and apply legal rules, doctrines and concepts in ‘the real world’.

“Law in Practice has allowed me to approach the law in a different way; not only thinking critically about the law itself but how it functions in wider society," added Bethan.

"It has also allowed me to dedicate time to voluntary work through the Legal Advice Centre and the Manchester Free Legal Help Clinic and spend time reflecting on my own personal growth throughout this work.

"The skills I have learnt have allowed me to consider the nuances of legal arguments with an appreciation of wider factors.”

Following her success, Bethan is now planning on attending the UKELA annual conference this Summer, to further her understanding and appreciation for environmental issues and to allow her to apply what she has learnt from the ‘Law in Practice’ to a real-world issue which affects us all.

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