Manchester alumni quartet take part in Olympias Music event

Alumni from The University of Manchester's Music Department have been instrumental in the Olympias Music's Women's Voices choir event taking place on 12 March 2020.

The choir will present a series of songs on the theme of modern femininity. Performers include The Eskandari Quartet, which consists of Nadia Eskandari, Rhiannon Bedford, Clara Rundell and Dan Phillips, who met during their undergraduate music degree at the University of Manchester in 2017.

The lyrical content of these works is drawn from the personal experiences and reflections of the singers as female refugees and asylum seekers. It will be performed alongside musical director, Anna Ruth McLuckie and guest musicians, Hunrosa, Sean Rogan (Diving Station) and the University of Manchester alumni, The Eskandari Quartet. In this exciting new pairing, each performer will experiment with live sampling and looping to bring the audience closer to the nature of these new works.

Charlie Widdicombe and Patrick Shepherd, who are also University alumni, work for the Olympias Music Foundation as Development Manager and Events Administrator respectively. The organisation is directed and was founded by Jo Yee Cheung in 2015 and has since been going from strength to strength. From violin lessons for children on free-schools meals to community choirs for vulnerable BAME women and school children, they believe that people from all backgrounds should be given the opportunity to participate in music-making and that these encounters can be life-changing.


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