Manchester Classical Association announces autumn/winter events programme


The Manchester Classical Association has announced a programme of engaging new online talks for a public audience, including teachers, pupils and students for 2020/21.

The organisation, which was founded over a century ago, is run by colleagues and students from both the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. The current chair is Dr April Pudsey (ManMet). The CA is hosting eight events, including a number of international speakers, all to be held over Zoom from 6pm-7pm.

All the events will be open live to members and will be recorded to be uploaded to the Association’s YouTube channel.

Autumn/winter 2020/21 programme

17 Nov 2020: Greece Recreated 

Dr Sally Waite and Dr Susanna Phillippo (Newcastle University)

15 Dec 2020: Alcestis: In Bits

Live discussion and q&a of a story performance of Alcestis. A specially-recorded performance will be made available in advance.

Dr Stephe Harrop (Liverpool, Hope)

19 Jan 2021: Mixtures, Medicine, and the Moretum: Roman Recipes and Food Culture

Dr Ian Goh (Swansea University)

9 Feb 2021: Homer's Passage in Postcolonial Hispaniola 

Prof Dan-el Padilla Peralta (Princeton University)

16 Feb 2021: Royal Authority in the Neo-Assyrian Empire: Representations and Realities 

Dr Shana Zaia (University of Vienna)

9 Mar 2021: The Illicit Trade in Papyrus Manuscripts from Egypt: Old and New Tales 

Dr Roberta Mazza (University of Manchester)

11 May 2021: Blazing Blackness in Greek Antiquity 

Dr Sarah Derbew (Stanford University)

25 May 2021: Prostitutes, Youths and Potty-Mouthed Clowns: Who Swore in Ancient Greek and Why it Matters

Dr Amy Coker (Cheltenham Ladies’ College / University of Bristol)

Information on becoming a member is available on the Association’s website, while the audience can choose to tip the Association if they wish.There will be further events for members throughout the year, including a student-led and careers workshops and short talks, as well as children’s competitions with Athena’s Owls.

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