Manchester team reaches Minus CO2 Challenge final three

A team of Manchester students from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences has qualified as one of the final three teams in the global Minus CO2 Challenge, run by the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE).

Chris Lloyd (PhD), Ross McTier (MSc), Daniel Odjo (MEng) and Dominic Skinner (MSc) analysed subsurface data from the Norne oil field offshore Norway and devised an economically viable CO2 neutral field development plan.

Participating teams from around the world documented their work in paper and video, which were scrutinised in two rounds by the EAGE Minus CO2 Challenge committee. The committee invited the teams from Manchester, Rio and Dalhousie to the global final as part of the EAGE conference in London on 3 June 2019.

The Manchester team utilised petroleum geoscience and engineering approaches, including CO2-enhanced oil recovery and CO2 sequestration, to achieve a carbon neutral oil field development plan.

It further outlined how fiscal regimes can be modified to make carbon-neutral oil field development profitable, which could be key to wider adoption of carbon-neutral oil field development approaches.

We wish the Manchester team well for the final in June.

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