LOOPER project update

The LOOPER project is implementing interventions designed in partnership with the community to test perceptual traffic calming and aesthetic uplift along Brunswick Street in Ardwick.

These include the use of a mural and banners showcasing community photography and local images from the neighbourhood (see photo), as well as the greening of front gardens and pavements.

The road is also be made a 20mph zone with new signage and welcome signs at either end.

Residents and road users are being surveyed before and after, complemented by sensors to monitor traffic volumes and speeds.

By understanding what works and what residents like the project will inform other schemes across the neighbourhood and city.

LOOPER will evaluate this process across the other two European partner cities Brussels and Verona to develop a new model for collaborative, evidence-based urban development.

The project has been made possible with financial assistance from the ESRC, the University of Manchester School for Environment, Education and Development and Office for Social Responsibility, and support from Manchester City Council and S4B.

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