Masood Entrepreneurship Centre Annual Summer Showcase: Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindset and Celebrating Student Experience

In June, the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC) held its highly anticipated Annual Summer Showcase, an event dedicated to celebrating the transformative power of entrepreneurship and the invaluable impact it has on students' personal and professional development.

The Annual Showcase commenced with an atmosphere of excitement and inspiration as attendees from various academic disciplines and backgrounds gathered to witness a collective commitment to fostering innovation and cultivating entrepreneurial spirit.

The event featured an array of inspiring speakers, including students and recent graduates, who shared their valuable insights and experiences, shedding light on the importance of community, employability skills, and the profound benefits of taking part in entrepreneurial initiatives.

Yair Sakov, Founder and Managing Director of Tel Aviv University's Entrepreneurship Centre, shared some impressive milestone achievements in establishing the Centre and how these have profoundly benefited both his students and the institution. His inspiring presentation delved into the evolution of entrepreneurship as a pivotal life skill and mind-set, drawing parallels to the process of learning an instrument or creating art, emphasizing the gradual development and cultivation of this essential trait.

Professor Luke Georghiou, Deputy President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Manchester, spoke of the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation for student experience and career development whilst at university, recognising their key role in the City’s entrepreneurial eco-system.

Caroline Everson, Careers Manager for the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Manchester, addressed the vital role of enterprise as a key employability skill. She emphasised how entrepreneurial thinking is highly valued and sought after by graduate employers, positioning students for future success.

MEC is all about developing the entrepreneurial skills and mind-set necessary for all our students if they are to make a meaningful impact on the world," she said. "The Annual Summer Showcase is an opportunity for us to raise awareness of our activities in supporting employability but also building the confidence in our graduates to launch a start-up venture.

Lynn Sheppard, Director of the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre

The event also provided an excellent opportunity for teaching and learning staff from various departments and schools across the university to join the MEC Community of Interest. These colleagues enthusiastically championed the value of entrepreneurial learning and pledged their support in ensuring that enterprise and entrepreneurship programmes are accessible for all students across the campus.