Maths PhD student wins Making a Difference Award for Wellspring app

Elliot McKernon of the Department of Mathematics has received a Making a Difference Award for his 'outstanding contribution to social innovation'.

PhD student Elliot was selected for the prize after conceiving and developing Wellspring, an app that allows users to bridge the gap between those with mental illness and treatment by providing clearly written information about symptoms, self help and treatment.

The awards aim to celebrate the outstanding achievements of The University of Manchester's staff, students, alumni and external partners who 'make a difference' through their work. Elliot has drawn from his own experiences with students hoping to find GP surgeries when coming to a new city.

"I realised that my role in the process could be completely automated, and that's what Wellspring is designed to do", he explains. "To give people simple tasks to make progress, and concise information to understand their symptoms and how to help themselves.

"It seemed like a big gap in the 'market', as there are hundreds of apps that offer alternatives or supplements to NHS treatment, but none that actually help you get the treatment that is most effective."

The wellspring app will be available to all in the coming weeks. Congratulations to Elliot on this fantastic achievement! 

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