Mavor and 'the rabbit-hole of poetic consciousness'

Professor Carol Mavor’s 'deliriously lovely' new book (Emma Wilson, University of Cambridge), Aurelia: Art and Literature through the Mouth of the Fairy Tale, has been published to critical acclaim.

It has been described by Hayden White (Professor Emeritus University of California) as 'Mavor's journeys through the rabbit-hole of poetic consciousness into the realm of primordial—fantasmatic—desire. It is all at once alluring, seductive, illuminating, and frightening'.

Carol Mavor has recently appeared at London’s Whitechapel gallery, introducing a rare screening of Jean-Pierre Gorin’s influential 1980 essay film 'Poto and Cabengo', about the extraordinary twins, who astounded linguists with their invented vocabulary.

She also lately appeared at the Liverpool’s Bluecoat, delivering a mysterious and magical lecture on the golden-darkness of familiar fairytales.

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