MCI Benefactor helps Chinese students and scholars visit UoM

In 2020, Dr. Lee Kai Hung generously donated £100,000 to match other charitable gifts, creating a fund to support University of Manchester students and staff who wish to fly to the Chinese speaking world to conduct research about Greater China.

Covid-19 has made traveling to the Chinese speaking world more difficult, so the fund has been expanded to include students and early career scholars from the Chinese speaking world to visit the University of Manchester to study or conduct research. Individual travel awards will typically range from £500 to £2500, and be used to cover flights, tuition, or desk fees. MCI recently renovated its scholars in residence and research rooms in its Grade II listed building on Waterloo Place, and is prioritising the creation of a thriving, academic hub.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for an MCI UK-China Travel Scholarship or Grant, please fill out this form and email it together with a one-page CV to mci@manchester.ac.uk with the subject line, ‘MCI UK-China Travel Fund application'.

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