MCI contributes to survey that reveals worsening European views of China in the age of Covid-19

MCI Director Pete Gries has contributed to a new report published by the Central European Institute of Asian Studies, which presents recent survey findings on European public opinion towards China. 

Nearly 20,000 Europeans were surveyed in September-October 2020. In 11 of 13 European countries surveyed, attitudes towards China were largely negative. These included not just advanced industrial democracies like Germany, France, the UK and Sweden, but also the formerly communist Visegrád countries of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Only the Russian and Serbian publics held largely positive views of China.

For the full report, visit the CEIAS website. Individual reports about each country will also be available soon. 

Given the recent deterioration in China’s relations with the West, the need for more work promoting mutual understanding is growing ever more urgent. The Manchester China Institute is committed to supporting this goal through its research and public outreach projects.

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