MERI hosts 'Enabling the sustainable hydrogen economy' workshop

Manchester Environmental Research Institute (MERI) and business engagement services have hosted a workshop between hydrogen industry leaders and academics at The University of Manchester to identify research and innovation opportunities.

The event, entitled 'Enabling the sustainable hydrogen economy', attracted more than 80 participants and featured speakers from the likes of Progressive Energy, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) and Cadent Gas.

Speakers shared their thoughts on the challenges and applications for hydrogen in decarbonising energy consumption, and you can view some of the presentations below:

Adam Baddeley, Head of Project Delivery at Progressive Energy

HyNet Industrial Fuel Switching Programme: An Update

Kate Jeffrey, Centre for Energy and Discovering Safety at the HSE

Hydrogen Safety Research

Gareth Hinds, NPL Fellow

Measurement Challenges for Hydrogen Infrastructure

Angela Needle, Director of Strategy at Cadent Gas

The Controversial Role of Hydrogen in Heating

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