MICRA academic appointed Research Theme Lead at Thomas Ashton Institute

Dr Sheena Johnson, a member of the MICRA management board, has been appointed as the University of Manchester Research Theme Lead for Social Change and Ageing in the Thomas Ashton Institute (TAI).

Dr Johnson has been a key, highly valued member of the MICRA Management Board and close affiliate of the Institute for a number of years. An Occupational and Chartered Psychologist and Senior Lecturer at Alliance Manchester Business School, she has worked extremely closely with MICRA during the last few years, having previously been awarded MICRA seedcorn funding to support her research in the area of “The Ageing Workforce”, in particular with regard to health and wellbeing, and older worker competencies.

The Thomas Ashton Institute (TAI) is a unique strategic partnership between the University of Manchester and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). It draws on the combined knowledge and experience of both parties to deliver research, learning and regulatory insights to enable a better working world. 

Dr Johnson’s work with the TAI will focus on how changes in the way society works will impact Health and Safety. This links with the University of Manchester’s leading expertise in ageing, as well as in the social sciences; and with the HSE's science programme on demographics. MICRA has established close links with the TAI and looks forward to exploring opportunities for joint working and collaboration with the Institute and specifically Dr Johnson in the near future.

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