MICRA Professor Debbie Price speaks on longevity risk

Debbie Price spoke at a webinar titled 'The long and short of longevity risk' on Thursday, 10 September.

'The long and short of longevity risk' was hosted by FTAdviser and was sponsored by Legal and General. The webinar focused on managing longevity risk for financial advisers.

Professor Debbie Price (former MICRA Director) joined a panel of industry and legal experts to discuss:

  • Approaches to life expectancy - the merits and pitfalls.
  • The impact of talking about life expectancy, alongside the behavioural biases at play.
  • How to de-risk businesses and protect individuals from longevity risk.
  • A medical practitioner’s view on approaching conversations about life expectancy.
  • The future of longevity prediction tools.
  • The potential impact of COVID-19 on life expectancy data.
  • A closer look at the Retirement Living Standards.
  • The variables associated with longevity risk such as expected life, sustainable withdrawal rates, inflation, spending patterns and investment returns.

You can view the webinar recording here until 10 October.

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