MICRA professor speaks in Women and Work webinar

MICRA's Professor Debbie Price took part in the “Doing Things Differently” webinar on Women and Work.

The latest of the Humanities webinars on ‘Doing Things Differently’ is now available on the Humanities research pages.

This webinar looks at the impacts of COVID-19 on women, with a focus on women, work and how we need to “build back differently”. The webinar features Bina Agarwal, Francesca Gains, Jill Rubery and MICRA academic and former MICRA director, Debbie Price.

With women taking on a higher burden of care and at potentially higher risk of redundancy, the webinar asks what can policymakers do to support women better?

Some of the solutions put forward for a fairer world post COVID-19 include 30 hour working weeks, community-based child and elder care, universal pensions, and female-led agriculture. On pensions, Debbie states: “The only system that works for women is a universal pension that’s non-means tested and not linked to paid work”

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