MIOIR currently hiring a Research Associate: AI in Science (Qualitative)

MIOIR invites applicants for a full-time research associate position to work on UMRI project “Innovations in the Lab: Leveraging Transformations in Science”.

We are hiring a Postdoctoral Research Associate (Qualitative)

We are hiring a Postdoctoral Research Associate (Qualitative) to work on the project “Innovations in the Lab: Leveraging Transformations in Science”, sponsored by the UoM Faculty of Humanities Large Collaborative Grant. The researcher will be housed at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Alliance Manchester Business School, under the supervision of Dr Cornelia Lawson and Professor Philip Shapira.

The successful candidate will undertake research exploring how science is being affected by internal, institutional, and system-level transformations and how these developments interact with and influence research practices and innovations in methods and approaches in labs and their research teams.

A series of transitions and shocks – from the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and the automation of research to persistent post-pandemic impacts, funding uncertainties in the face of rising costs, and increased global tensions – present wide-reaching implications for science. 

These trends and events are themselves occurring in the context of heightened concerns about equity, diversity, and inclusiveness and how science can be relevant and trusted in addressing global sustainability and societal challenges. Together, these developments both promise and require transformations in the fundamental practices of scientific work and notions of scientific expertise and responsibility in research.

The project probes these changes and the innovations they trigger in research labs and teams. We aim to answer the following overarching research questions: (a) How are research practices and priorities, including topic and method choices, team roles, publication outputs, and collaborations, being affected by transformations in science? (b) What is the role of innovations in research approaches and practices in addressing challenges presented by scientific transformations? (c) What are the implications for research management and science policy to address potentially negative effects and facilitate positive learning from innovative practices?

The deadline for applications is Thursday, 4 April 2024.

To apply and for more details please follow the link below: