MIOIR Doctoral Researcher awarded a Stanford Existential Risk Initiative (SERI) Summer Research Fellowship

Molly Silk has been awarded a Stanford Existential Risk Initiative (SERI) Summer Research Fellowship. The Fellowship is a ten-week programme based at Stanford University's Center for International Security and Cooperation.

SERI Summer Fellowship

SERI primarily supports research aimed at mitigating existential threats, such as climate change, artificial intelligence, biosecurity, and nuclear risks.

Molly’s project lies at the intersection of several high-priority areas, namely nuclear threat, space security, and great power relations. Her research focuses on how to promote agreement on the protection of early-warning missile defence satellites between the U.S. and China, primarily through an appraisal of U.S. perceptions of Chinese anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons developments and strategies. Demonstrating that many common perceptions are founded on unsubstantiated claims or mistranslated information, her paper argues that Sino-U.S. dialogue on ASAT regulations could be significantly enhanced through several research quality-assurance suggestions. Molly’s research outcomes will be presented at a final symposium and delivered in a paper format.

Molly Silk is conducting a PhD in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP) at the Alliance Manchester Business School, supervised by Prof Kieron Flanagan.

The STIP programme is taught by members of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research - a world-leading centre for the study of science and innovation policy and management.