New academy to train the next generation of nuclear experts


A new academy at Sellafield is set to revolutionise the way the next generation of nuclear experts are trained, by providing them with the specialist education and professional qualifications necessary to deliver the complex and challenging projects associated with decommissioning Europe’s most complex nuclear site.

The academy is the brainchild of Sellafield Ltd and will be delivered by the University of Cumbria, who will develop and provide a range of higher education programmes, from diplomas and degrees to masters and doctorates. It will be supported by The University of Manchester, one of the most prestigious project-based education providers in the world, and the first academic establishment to introduce higher education associated with project management.

By providing people with the skills to meet current and future needs of the industry, Sellafield Ltd is investing in the development of local people while helping to address the growing demand for project professionals, not just for the nuclear industry, but for all industries UK and worldwide. The academy will enable employees to increase the depth of their knowledge in their chosen profession, as well as enabling them to broaden their knowledge of other project related professions through a range of training opportunities.

“We are really enthusiastic to be partnering with the University of Cumbria to deliver the Project Academy for Sellafield. We believe that this ladder of educational opportunity demonstrates the power of industry, community and higher education collaboration and aligns well with The University of Manchester’s strategic vision, and we see the partnership as a sustainable way of supporting a ladder of educational opportunity and postgraduate research for industry, the community and our future.”
Professor Andrew Gale

“This chance to develop our partnership with Sellafield and support their investment in their workforce is fantastic,” said Professor Peter Strike, Vice Chancellor of The University of Cumbria. “The Project Academy provides an outstanding opportunity to share our expertise and to develop effective and successful collaborations with other institutions and business.”

“We have always provided pathways to education and training, but this academy is going to transform the way people train in many of the professions related to projects, from design, operations, and construction to health and safety, project management and leadership,” said Steve Livingstone, Projects Director for Sellafield Ltd. “It will equip people with the education, skills and qualifications required to deliver unique and complex projects, ensuring the site has people with the right skills delivering the UK’s nuclear decommissioning programme.”

The first employees will commence their Higher Education with the academy in September 2016.

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