New book: Anti-Racist Scholar Activism

Remi Joseph-Salisbury and Laura Connelly have written a new book on how to be an anti-racist scholar-activist.

anti racist scholar activism

Many anti-racist scholars have wrestled with the contradictions of working within a higher education system that often perpetuates social injustice. Anti-Racist Scholar Activism shows how students and academics can work within universities and other institutions to further social justice.

Aziz Choudry, editor of The University and Social Justice, Activists and the Surveillance State said of the book: 'This is an excellent and welcome addition to literature on racism, activism, and higher education, and a unique resource for university students who are trying to navigate higher education institutions and think through the contradictions, tensions and possibilities of being "in" the university, but not necessarily becoming "of" it, while committed to a politics of anti-racism.'

Anti-Racist Scholar-Activism is published by Manchester University Press. Remi Joseph-Salisbury is a Presidential Fellow in Ethnicity and Inequalities at the University of Manchester and Laura Connelly is a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Salford.