New book confronts the intersection between mobility and the climate crisis


A new book by Stephanie Sodero of the HCRI explores the intersection between fossil fuel-powered mobility and climate change and how communities and mobility need to be revolutionised in Sodero’s homeland of Canada and beyond  in the context of climate change. 

Under the Weather: Reimagining Mobility in the Climate Crisis by the Lecturer in Climate Change and Health is published by McGill-Queen’s University Press and comes out on 15 November 2022.

"My home was hit by Hurricane Fiona just a few weeks ago, causing much disruption and devastation,” said Sodero. “I hope the book will shape conversations about climate action and community resilience on the ground with policy makers, transport managers, climate advocates, and many more.

“While writing was a long road, the book and its ideas are only increasing in relevance as communities near and far are confronted with climate impacts on their doorsteps."

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