New Monographs from Law School Professors

Only days into 2022, colleagues at The University of Manchester Law School have published three exciting new monographs spanning the fields of International Law, Environmental Groups and Legal Expertise, and Public Law.


Professor Jean d’Aspremont’s monograph titled ‘After Meaning: The Sovereignty of Forms in International Law’ is published by Elgar Studies in Legal theory. After Meaning provides a radical challenge to the way in which international law is thought and practised. Chapter 1 is available to view via open access:

Professor Carolyn Abbot has co-authored with Professor Maria Lee (of UCL Laws). Their monograph, published by UCL press, is titled ‘Environmental Groups and Legal Expertise: Shaping the Brexit process’. The monograph explores the use and understanding of law and legal expertise by environmental groups. The entire publication is available to view via open access:

Professor Robert Thomas and co-author Dr Joe Tomlinson (of the University of York) have published their monograph titled ‘Immigration Judicial Reviews: An Empirical Study’ in the Palgrave Socio-Legal Studies book series. This book analyses how the system of immigration judicial reviews works in practice, as an area which has, for decades, constituted the majority of judicial review cases and is politically controversial.

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