NOVARS PhD Tasos Asonitis receives Best Paper Award at EvoMUSART 2022 Conference of Artificial Intelligence

tasos (1)

NOVARS PhD candidate and EPSRC scholarship awardee Tasos Asonitis was awarded the Best Paper Award in the 11th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design, EvoMUSART 2022 (part of Evostar). 

Asonitis' paper, titled "SonOpt: Sonifying Bi-Objective Population-Based Optimization Algorithms" and co-authored by Dr. Richard Allmendinger (AMBS), Dr. Matt Benatan (Sonos Inc.) and Prof. Ricardo Climent (NOVARS), introduces an application that sonifies multi-objective optimization algorithms to facilitate the understanding of the algorithmic behavior. 

Tasos was also featured in the Outstanding Students list for Evostar 2022.

Tasos says:
"It was huge honor to be awarded such a prestigious prize. My background and my main interest is in Music Composition assisted by computers, and therefore I was not sure what feedback such research would receive from a pure scientific community. I was very glad to see how many people were interested in the use of sound as an additional mode of process monitoring in their field. 

Sonification / Audification is an established practice for a few decades in the Electroacoustic Music community, especially at NOVARS, but for the scientific community working developing optimization algorithms, it is a relatively new world. Hopefully this research will be a first step towards a better understanding of how Artificial Intelligence sounds like. 

In the future, I also hope that musicians will be encouraged to look at such scientific methods in order to harvest creative potential at the intersections of music and the machine intelligence".