Parkinson’s Use of Music Survey

A group of interdisciplinary group of researchers from the University of Manchester’s BEAM Lab (Body, Ears and Movement) have been funded by a network grant from Parkinson's UK to investigate the use of music among people with Parkinson's.

This research project began in 2018 during a two-day workshop which aimed to understand how people with Parkinson's use music to: 

  1. manage their movements (e.g. synchronizing steps to the musical beat).
  2. manage their moods (e.g. music to energize, to relax, or to soothe).

The team are now looking to extend this initial research. They want to know from more people with Parkinson's how you use music so they can see if the patterns generalize, and therefore how we can apply the use of music to help shape strategies for overcoming difficulties in the future.

View more information about the study and the survey for which they are recruiting participants.

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