Participants sought for Alzheimer's prevention study

Those researching dementia now recognize that our best chance of beating this condition is to identify it early and intervene before significant brain damage occurs. One way to achieve this is to identify people who may be at risk of developing Alzheimer’s and offer them new treatments before any physical symptoms are observed.

We’re currently recruiting for a study called Generations. It’s targeted at individuals between 65 and 75 with no diagnosed memory problems. It’s a really exciting study looking at early (pre-symptomatic) risk management. Specifically, it’s looking for individuals with two copies of a gene called ApoE4 (which puts them at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s than those with other variants of this gene). The first step is very simple and involves signing up to have a cheek swab genetic test looking for this gene.

Following this, individuals found to carry two copies of the Apoe4 gene will be invited to take part in further studies to trial treatments which we hope will significantly reduce their risk of developing dementia in later life.

If you would like to know more or are interested in taking part in this work please call Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust on 0161 271 0084 or 0161 358 0629. We have genetic screening and information events set up across greater Manchester throughout April and we will be able to provide details of these when you call.

Find out more about Apoe4 here.

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