Performance with technology: New MusM Music Performance Studies

The course units titled “Performance Portfolio” and “Historical and Contemporary Performance” within the new MusM in Music Performance Studies will provide students with exciting opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in performing with electronics and technology, and to explore creative engagements with multimedia.

At the University of Manchester, we have ca. 30 years of performance tradition with electronics and computers. Our MANTIS Festival, taking place biannually since 2004, features national and international talented performers combining acoustic instruments with electronics or fixed media. 

The MANTIS system includes 56-genelec speakers, one of the largest speaker orchestras in the world. Along with concerts, it often hosts Postgraduate-led music symposia on topics such as: audification, acoustic ecology, analogue music and locative-audio. Our guest performers include: Psappha, Distractfold, KAIROS, Trio Atem, H.E.L.L.O ensemble and The Noise Upstairs, Darragh Morgan (violin), Miquel Bernat (percussion and timbila), Terri Hron (recorder), Marij van Gorkom (bass clarinet), Conrad Marshall (flute), Richard Casey (piano), Philip Marks (Drums), Linda Jankowska (violin), Nina Whiteman (voice), Gavin Osborn (Bass flute), Helmut Lemke (8-cassette recorder), Mark Pilkington (in-game performance at Timbi.world) and ca. 300 fixed media works diffused live.

Our Electronic Music Festivals Sines-Squares celebrates performance with Analogue and Modular Synthesis, featuring Rob Hordjik, Joker Nies, Andrew DuffAlexander Senko, Ryan Gaston, Sarah Belle Reid, Merkaba Macabre, Epigone, Scrubber Fox, Ross Scott-Buccleuch, Dustin Lyon, Phil Durrant, Chelsea Bruno (aka Eden Grey), Sam Waver, Richard Scott, Rodrigo De León, Joseph Hyde, Philippe Gauthier, Tanya St-Pierre, David Ross, Andy Cox, Udo Moll, Ann Rosén, Sten-Olof Hellström, Matt Omahan, Daniel Warner, Marty Ehrlich, Adam Parkinson, Martin Klang, Leafcutter John and Steph Horak.

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