PGCE trainee does the maths with Social Responsibility award win

Secondary mathematics trainee Najma Mohamed created her own website and used social media to share her passion for maths, focusing particularly on providing additional support for female BAME students.

Mathematical formulae and drawings on a blue backgroundDue to the mass school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been a challenging year for our PGCE Programmes with trainee placements being curtailed. However, rather than be discouraged, we’ve seen our trainee teachers step up to the challenge, with many working with their placement schools to provide remote support for pupils.

The innovative response from our trainees has particularly come to light through the nominations for this year’s PGCE Programme Social Responsibility Award, designed to highlight those trainees who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to our social responsibility values.

Najma Mohamed was selected as this year’s winner for her tireless efforts to support both her students and community throughout her training year. Inspired by the success of her cooking Instagram, Najma took to social media platforms to share her passion for mathematics and set up her own website Maths Context, with the aim of sharing her experience and encouraging students within her own community. As a BAME individual, Najma was particularly keen to inspire other BAME students and help them overcome adversity.

In addition to her online work and placement requirements, Najma set up a Manchester Foodbank appeal and collection after recognizing the number of families that were going hungry within her community, raising over £1,000. Najma has truly proven herself to be an exceptional trainee and a credit to our PGCE Programme.

Dr Lisa Murtagh, Head of ITE and SEED Associate Director for Coaching and Mentoring from the Manchester Institute of Education said: "Najma was nominated by a number of her peers for her commitment to social responsibility, as she has been very passionate about helping those that are less fortunate around her.

"As a BAME individual herself she recognises the huge education gap between BAME students and other students especially within her own community in Manchester.

"I have been struck by Najma’s sense of kindness, warmth and her sense of community - she is an exceptional trainee."

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