Prof Kevin Anderson part of network aiming to decarbonise UK transport

Professor Kevin Anderson of Tyndall Manchester and the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering is part of a new network aiming to tackle surface transport emissions in order to rapidly decarbonise UK transport.

DecarboN8, which is part of the N8 Research Partnership - a collaboration of the eight most research-intensive universities in the north of England, as well as experts from government and industry - has been awarded £1.25 million by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

The network is being led by researchers at the University of Leeds and will focus on emissions from cars, buses, vans, trains and heavy goods vehicles. Together these form 26% of the UK's greenhouse emissions.

DecarboN8 will also examine emissions from vehicle construction and maintenance, as well as infrastructure. It will look at the different approaches required for different types of places, such as built-up urban areas and much quieter rural environments.

With its wide range of locales and travel patterns, the north of England is seen as the ideal area for conducting this type of research.

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