Professor Chris Todd speaks at WHO event on falls prevention

Professor Chris Todd recently spoke at the World Health Organisation’s Step Safely: Strategies for Preventing Falls Across the Life Course on Tuesday 27 April.

Professor Chris Todd is Director of the NIHR Older People & Frailty Policy Research Unit, leads the Healthy Ageing Research Group, and is a key figure in the MICRA leadership team. Professor Todd was a guest speaker who represented UoM as a panel member

Professor Todd examined what measures can be incorporated into programs to increase motivation and adherence, and how these can relate to broader goals of keeping older people engaged and active within their communities. He tells us:

“COVID-19 lockdowns have resulted in less activity and more deconditioning and thus increased risk, and people are talking about a future epidemic of falls due to that deconditioning. So getting falls prevention exercise up the agenda is as important today as ever.”

He emphasises that interventions should be theory-based and include behaviour change techniques and clear instructions, social and professional support may be more effective, and that positive messages are crucial.

Professor Todd states: “Older people need to understand and appreciate the benefits they will gain and benefits need to be in accord with older people’s own lifestyle and aspirations…. Emphasising staying independent is important to many older people”

View the Step Safely report and other key infographics.

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