Professor Gary Younge shortlisted for Orwell Prize for Journalism 2023

Professor Gary Younge

Gary Younge, award-winning author, broadcaster and Professor of Sociology, Gary Younge, has been shortlisted for The Orwell Prize for Journalism 2023. Formerly a columnist at The Guardian he is an editorial board member of the Nation magazine and the Alfred Knobler Fellow for Type Media.

The Orwell Prizes are awarded every year to the writing and reporting which best meets the spirit of George Orwell's own ambition 'to make political writing into an art'.

The three pieces shortlisted are:

Gary joined The University of Manchester in 2020 from The Guardian, where he was appointed US correspondent in 2003, before becoming their editor-at-large in 2015. Gary’s latest book is a collection of his journalism, Dispatches from the Diaspora: From Nelson Mandela to Black Lives Matter.

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