Professor James Nazroo appointed to Future of Ageing Working Group

The working group aims to explore the ethical implications of the role of science and technology in helping people live well in old age.

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has initiated an in-depth inquiry on the future of ageing, involving the creation of the Future of Ageing Working Group.

The working group is chaired by Bella Starling and includes academics, advocates and campaigners with expertise in biology, medicine, nursing, technology, public health, law, philosophy, sociology, and ageing.

The focus of the inquiry will include examining the ways in which ageing is conceptualised, the implications of this for policy and research, the balance between personal, family, societal and government responsibility, and will pay attention to questions of equity and diversity.

The report will consider the implications of these factors for both research and wider social policy.

MICRAs James Nazroo is one of the experts appointed to the group and he told us:

I am delighted to be a member of the working group for this inquiry. In the context of a rapid evolution of science and roll out of technology, it is crucial that we carefully consider the implications of these developments for older people’s lives and well-being. In particular, we need to examine the broader social impact of such technologies, what they mean for how we understand ageing, and their potential to increase inequalities.

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