Professor Miriam Ronzoni to present Inaugural Lecture


On the 9th February 2022, the School of Social Sciences and the Department of Politics celebrate the Inaugural Lecture of Miriam Ronzoni, Professor of Political Theory at The University of Manchester.

People have been disagreeing about morality since they started reflecting on it. Can we, however, act justly towards one another even if we disagree about what is fundamentally of value, or whether there is anything of objective value at all?

A family of theories argue that this is possible: we can "construct" together just norms of interaction and socio-political regulation in non-arbitrary ways, even if we disagree about the ultimate sources of morality.

Is this truly possible, however, and how exactly do we go about doing it?

Professor Ronzoni presents her Inaugural Lecture on Constructing Norms without Objective Foundations on the 9th February, chaired by the Head of the Politics Department, Professor Yoram Gorlizki.

Registration is now available via Eventbrite.