Relaxed Performance Festive Sing-Along returns to MHC

The Relaxed Performance returns to the Martin Harris Centre this month, welcoming everyone, young and old, to a Festive Sing-Along in a friendly and fun environment.Relaxed performance audience

Geared towards creating a safe space for those who might not feel comfortable in a formal performance environment, the Relaxed Performance will keep the lights on, the doors open and anyone who comes along is free to chat, sing, express themselves and move around however they wish. 

Who is the Relaxed Performance for? The answer in short is: everyone! This performance warmly welcomes babies and children, and people with dementia or learning difficulties. People with disabilities will find the Martin Harris Centre’s Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall to be a venue that is accessible and comfortable. Anyone who feels like enjoying some well-loved  tunes in a friendly and informal environment can come along.

There is no need to book and seats are first-come-first-served, while patrons are free to change seats or step out of the hall at any time. 

The music will be performed by the talented members of the Manchester University Music Society who are happy to chat to audience members throughout the event.

When: Friday 16 December 2022 1.10-2pm 

Where: Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama

How to book: Just turn up!

More information on the event and others like it at the Martin Harris Centre can be found here.

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