Report published on COVID-19-related change to everyday life and impacts on sustainability

Researchers at the Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI) have published a report detailing changes to everyday life during the pandemic and beyond and discussing the challenges and opportunities that these changes hold for environmental and social sustai

Based on an initial report published in May 2020, which gathered evidence on immediate impacts on everyday life routines right after the pandemic hit, this report takes into account the next phase of the evolving impact of Covid-19.

Additional evidence was gathered on ongoing changes along with six everyday life domains: hygiene, eating, mobility, shopping, leisure and work. For each domain, the conditions for practices to be retained, and their implications for environmental and social sustainability are discussed.

This report also provides insights into how practices in these domains are related to one another, collating evidence for the way in which changes in practices in one domain have ripple effects into other domains and how practices reinforce each other to retain the status quo.

View the new report.

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