School of Law announces its Student Ambassadors for the Women Breaking Barriers Network

A group of female student ambassadors met one of their legal heroes last week when Lady Hale, President of the Supreme Court, came to Manchester to deliver the Pankhurst lecture.

Mariam Moon-Begum, Annika Bhavsar, Nawar Saeed, Fatima Coulibaly, Lorena Cristiano and Abigail Cheetham fought off stiff competition to be appointed as student ambassadors for the School, having already made significant achievements in championing women’s rights. As ambassadors, they will be working with staff and students, in the School of Law and beyond, to develop initiatives and create opportunities for our female students. In addition, they are liaising with staff and students in other law schools to create a sustainable network of women leaders who will support each other and later generations of female students. They were delighted to be given the opportunity to meet with Lady Hale, who has done so much to highlight and challenge the inequalities that are experienced by many women.

The inaugural meeting of the Network was convened by the University of Leeds and attended by female student ambassadors from law schools across the north of England. The ambassadors were mentored by senior legal academics, legal practitioners, voluntary sector leads and entrepreneurs. Abigail Cheetham described the event as “inspirational… we need to believe in our potential and if we want something we need the confidence to ask for it.”

Look out for our female student ambassadors on campus and for news about future events.

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