SCI Blog: The Other Side of the Fence - Consumption, Activism, and the Owens Park Tower Occupation

After a hiatus due to moving to website work the SCI Blog is back in use. SCI PhD Student Anna-Maria Köhnke writes in her new blog post about the 2020 occupation of Owens Park and how it links to current strike waves.

Owens park occupation featured image

What links the University of Manchester’s library and the most notorious student halls in town, except for the high density of flared trousers and pastel coloured hair? Correct – countless Stagecoach buses, going up and down the Wilmslow Road bus corridor, which is allegedly the busiest bus route in Europe. With Stagecoach drivers going on strike in neighbouring Merseyside throughout July, it is worth taking a look at worker and consumer action, and the role universities and students play in it. The strike is part of a wider wave of industrial action across the UK, raising awareness of  the effects that record high inflation has on consumers. While industrial action has been all over the news in recent weeks and months, other forms of protest have received less attention – partly because their successes are less visible to the public eye.

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