SCI Researcher to speak at Sustainable Futures event in September

Catherine Walker to speak about ‘Negotiating climate and sustainability challenges in migrant households in the UK and Australia’ at the event.

Catherine Talk photo

Catherine Walker will be speaking at a Sustainable Futures seminar alongside Jelena Ponocko, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Julien Harou, MUI/MERI, on 22nd September 2022 at 2pm. Her talk is entitled ‘From the classroom to the home: Negotiating climate and sustainability challenges in migrant households in the UK and Australia’ and will be based in part on her field research from her ‘Young People at a Crossroads’ project.

As youth climate activism grows around the world, this project will generate unique understandings into how families composed of first- and second-generation immigrants from the Global South (GS) are responding to lived experiences of climate crisis in two ethnically diverse cities: Manchester and Melbourne.

As well as growing up at a historic crossroads in terms of political and societal responses to the climate crisis, second-generation immigrants are at an additional crossroads in their family life, between different sets of political and cultural values, economic possibilities and environmental characteristics that have roots in (at least) two countries.

This pioneering project is the first of its kind to conduct research with this often overlooked group of young people, generating insights from two cities, with young people from a range of ethnic backgrounds. The question at the heart of the project is how second-generation immigrants - part of the most ‘climate change-aware’ generation alive today - discuss and negotiate responses to the climate crisis with parents who may have first-hand experience of living with resource and climate uncertainty, yet whose knowledge is often not valued in Global North (GN) contexts.

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