SEED colleague recognised with Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Noel Castree, Director of Research for the School of Environment, Education and Development and a Professor of Geography, has been named as one of two recipients of the Taylor and Francis Lifetime Achievement Award by Routledge and CRC Press.

The award is given to authors who have submitted "truly outstanding contributions to the scientific literature", according to the two publishers.

"Professor Noel Castree's outstanding record of publications encapsulates the award's intent to honour our authors," Routledge and CRC said in a statement.

"Professor Castree has made significant and pioneering contributions in the discipline of geography and allied fields. His extensive publication record includes books, book chapters, and articles in prestigious journals. "

As well as serving as co-editor of the book series Key Ideas In Geography, Professor Castree has written Routledge books such as NatureMaking Sense of Nature and The Companion to Environmental Studies.

The other recipient of the award was Dr Qihao Weng of Indiana State University.