SEES postgraduate becomes University's first Carbon Literacy Trainer

Zainab Bibi, a current PhD student in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, has become the first certified Carbon Literacy Trainer from The University of Manchester.

Carbon literacy is a globally unique low-­carbon culture change initiative that takes form through a day's worth of learning. Carbon literacy learning encompasses climate change science, its effects and its solutions. It combines relevance and action to drive low-­carbon choices wherever it takes root.

One of the key features of carbon literacy is that training is delivered by peers - pupil to pupil or by regular teachers in schools and colleges, by workmates, colleagues or peers in the workplace, or by friends and neighbours in the place you live.

Being a certified trainer, Zainab has joined the network of Carbon Literacy Trainers operating globally. Zainab is a passionate environmentalist and her past work has also received many accolades, including a Queen's Young Leaders Award, which was presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in June 2016 at Buckingham Palace.

The Carbon Literacy Project has won a Highly Commendable Award at the Better World Showcase awards ceremony. The project has run its first-ever session at The University of Manchester, and so the award is a fantastic achievement at this stage.


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