Stories of our time

Get to grips with some of the great events of our time with our new newspaper archives.

The University of Manchester Library has recently acquired a number of online digitised newspaper archives covering a wide variety of titles from all over the globe, and stretching as far back as 1746. From The Irish Times to The Times of India, and from the Manchester Mercury to The Telegraph - you're sure to find something of interest to you and relevant your studies.

Access the archives.

These archives include: a collection from the British Library with a concentration of titles from the northern half of the country, covering the mid-18th to the mid-20th century; a worldwide audio/visual collection containing rare newsreel footage leading up to and during the Second World War; and two collections of the Washington D.C Bureau of Associated Press which includes reporting on the assassination of John F Kennedy, the Mexican Revolution, the Wall Street Crash and much more.

Whether you're a PhD candidate researching a little-known chapter of Americana for your thesis topic, an Undergraduate writing a dissertation on wartime newsreel propaganda, or just happen to be interested in how people commented and analysed events from local matters to global events, take a look at our newest acquisitions!