Success for Politics at Manchester in the Research Excellence Framework

Politics at The University of Manchester has confirmed its reputation as one of the largest and strongest centres for political expertise in the UK in the government’s Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021, the major national exercise to evaluate resear


The University of Manchester made one of the largest and broadest REF submissions in the UK, entering 2,249 eligible researchers across 31 subject areas.

Out of 56 departments in the country, Politics at Manchester ranked in eighth place nationally, in terms of grade point average[1], an improvement from 19th in the previous exercise, REF 2014. Politics has also been ranked in seventh place nationally for research power[2], demonstrating the quality and scale of both our research and impact.

Head of Politics, Yoram Gorlizki said: “This is a terrific result for our Department and is testimony to the quality and depth of our research and to the strength of our research culture. It is also especially pleasing that, whatever REF criterion one uses, Politics is now confirmed as one of the top ten research departments in the country in what is a very competitive field.’’

These results demonstrate that our research has major strengths in tackling inequalities, addressing the growing climate emergency and understanding political issues from the local to the global. Our researchers are working with policymakers and influencers nationally and globally, so that our research has the power to change lives and shape futures.

Detailed results from the REF 2021 have now been published on the University website.



[1] Grade point average is a measure of the overall or average quality of research calculated by multiplying the percentage of research in each grade by its rating, adding them all together and dividing by 100.

[2] Research Power is calculated by grade point average, multiplied by the number of FTE staff submitted (FTE - full-time equivalent head count) and gives a measure of scale and quality. Grade Point Average (GPA) measures overall or average quality of research, which takes no account of the FTE submitted.