Survey for carers of people living with dementia

Carers are asked to complete survey for the Dementia Law Clinic.

The Dementia Law Clinic, part of the School of Social Sciences’ Justice Hub, is requesting feedback from carers on the impact that legal issues are having on carers of people with dementia at this current time.

With COVID-19 changing the world, carers of people with dementia have been particularly affected by the pandemic. An understanding of the law, what it means for carers and their legal rights has become even more important. The survey is part of The Legal Education Foundation’s Law for Dementia Carers (L4DC) project, which is helping carers to understand their legal rights and what the law might mean for them.

The Dementia Law Clinic provides advice for people living with dementia and those who help to care for them. Part of the Legal Advice Centre, the Clinic works alongside the health and social care charity Making Space to offer a holistic approach to providing legal and emotional support to families affected by dementia.

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