Sustainable Consumption Institute to welcome two visitors this May


Dr Annika Lonkila works at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and researches the politics of sustainable food system transitions from different perspectives. She will be joining us from 2 May until 13 May and is working with Jo Mylan.

She studies the justice impacts of the food system transition for farmers, as well as the markets and transitional potential of novel plant-based protein products. She also does legal research, for example related to sustainable land use and the regulation of novel plant-based foods.

Anne Sofie Askholm is a PhD student from the Department of the Built Environment at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. For the next three months she will be visiting the Sustainable Consumption Institute and spend her time getting a deeper insight into processes of change in everyday practices. She is working on a project about sustainable consumption and transitions, and the connections and disconnections between environmental ethics and everyday practices among Danish consumers in two locations in Denmark – Langeland and Copenhagen.

Anne Sofie works with audiovisual methods and besides writing a paper, she will be editing an ethnographic film based on her fieldwork for this project while in Manchester.