Sustainable Futures Challenge Area Leads

We are delighted to announce the appointment of leads for the five Sustainable Futures challenge areas. The leads are:

  • Dr Kate Scott, Presidential Fellow, Faculty of Humanities | Net-zero futures
  • Dr Helen Holmes, Lecturer in Sociology, Faculty of Humanities | Inclusive and prosperous futures
  • Dr Alejandro Gallego Schmid, Senior Lecturer in Circular Economy and Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment, Faculty of Science and Engineering | Resourceful futures
  • Professor Holly Shiels, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health | Healthy futures
  • Dr Tim Foster, Senior Lecturer in Water-Food Security, Faculty of Science and Engineering | Resilient futures

Over the next three years, our challenge leads will work closely with the Director of Sustainable Futures, Professor Mike Shaver, supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Futures strategy, vision and planned activities for the platform.

They will work with University of Manchester research leaders to integrate the unprecedented range of environmental sustainability expertise across The University of Manchester, helping to facilitate highly interdisciplinary research and impact, and strengthening connections between our research institutes, centres, research groups, and individual researchers working to address different aspects of the climate crisis. 

This approach will help to identify new research agendas as well as deliver on current ones, extend the scope of our environmental expertise and impact of Sustainable Futures, and deliver solutions into practice rapidly through unique established capabilities.

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