Sustainable Futures Launch ‘The Albatross Lectures’ – But Why the Albatross?

On 30 January 2024, we will be hosting our very first Albatross Lecture, an annual guest lecture exploring the wide topic of sustainability, with Mark Miodownik, Professor of Materials and Society at University College London.

For more than twenty years, Mark has championed materials science research that links to the arts and humanities, medicine, and society. This culminated in the establishment of the UCL Institute of Making, where he is a director and runs the research programme. Professor Miodownik also recently set up the Plastic Waste Innovation Hub to carry our research into solving the environmental catastrophe of plastic waste dealing with topics such as biodegradable plastics and product reuse and repairability.

Mark’s talk ‘The End of Consumerism’ will be accompanied by a networking lunch, allowing our delegates to make and forge connections with colleagues working in the same space and interest-spheres, followed by a panel discussion with experts in the field from The University of Manchester. Professor Michael Shaver, Professor Carly McLachlan, Professor Maria Sharmina and Dr Helen Holmes will all join Professor Miodownik to answer questions from our delegates and discuss themes from Mark’s keynote presentation.

Our first Albatross Lecture will be hosted at No.1 Circle Square, a Bruntwood SciTech Venue, on Tuesday 30 January from 11:00 – 14:00. Register your place for free here.

You may be wondering, however, why it has been coined ‘The Albatross Lectures’?

We chose to name our new annual guest lectures after the Albatross as it is one of the largest and most inspirational, yet threatened, birds on Earth featuring on the IUCN Red List. The Albatross’s traits and behaviours tether to each of our challenge areas and strongly reflects our priorities and ambitions.

To find out just how exactly the Albatross exemplifies our six Challenge Areas, take a look at the video below:

The Albatross Lecture Promo Video

We are very much looking forward to hosting and launching our first Albatross Lecture in January 2024, making a statement in the sustainability conversation and event space. We cannot wait for you to join us there – see you in January! 

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