Take our Digital Futures Citizens and Democracy theme survey!

We would really like to hear from academics at Manchester that have research interests relevant to the Digital Futures Citizens and Democracy theme. Currently we have identified the following topics as areas in which UoM has established or growing expertise:

  • Keeping our democratic institutions and elections secure in the digital era
  • Digitizing public services and government regulation of digital content
  • Protecting citizens' privacy and safeguarding personal data
  • Online extremism, incivility and radicalisation

We have designed a short survey in which we invite you to share some details about your work in any of these areas, and also suggestions for new topics we could explore. We also have some questions about your use of digital methods to conduct your research and if there are any new tools you would like to learn more about to advance your work in this field. Finally, we would like to build up our knowledge about the external stakeholders and policy audiences that are interested in our work in this area and who you would like to connect with in the future.

The survey is available at this link

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