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Dharmi Kapadia is leading a new project on gambling harms. The project will investigate why people gamble, the harm caused by gambling and how services that support gamblers can be made more accessible to minority ethnic groups.

‘Problem gambling is a major societal concern, with harmful effects on people’s mental health and financial situations. Yet, very little is known about how ethnic minority people may be particularly affected by gambling harms. In this research project, in collaboration with Ipsos and ClearView Research, we want to find out about ethnic minority people’s experiences of gambling and of seeking help for problem gambling. We want this research project to inform future policies and recommendations to help people that have been affected by gambling harms.’

Dr Dharmi Kapadia

The team is looking for participants. To take part you need to be:

  • A gambler, or have been affected by the gambling of somebody close to you, and
  • From an ethnic or religious minority, or refugee or asylum seeker background.

The research involves completing an 'app-life diary' or taking part in three interviews. Everybody who takes part in the research will receive vouchers as a thank you for your time.

People who do not speak English can take part: voicenotes in any language and alphabets other than English can be used in the app-life diary.

If you are interested in taking part, or would like more information, please contact us:

Email: uk-pa-gambleaware-minorityresearch@ipsos.com 

Phone: 0800 5422155

The project is led by Dharmi Kapadia and Ipsos Mori and funded by GambleAware, a charity that seeks to protect people from gambling harm.

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